This project focuses on strengthening and building coalition with artists, activists, and water protectors. It acknowledges that coalition building must have the changing of priorities and purposes of an empire in its sight.

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Lower Hudson land and water protectors

Alliances, coalitions, grassroots organizations, municipalities, educators. Not all are directly linked to the NYC watershed.

Views from the Watershed Podcast Tour

by Lize Mogel / Walking the Watershed project
14 podcast episodes take you to 10 different sites throughout the Catskills. You’ll hear intimate perspectives from local people on what it means to be a part of the water system, including a historian, a dairy farmer, an angler, a former DEP commissioner, a grave restorer, and a trail builder. More

Artists & projects

The Watershed Relief Map at the Queens Museum

Walking the Watershed by Lize Mogel, 2016-ongoing.
A long-term, multidisciplinary project that explores the physical, social, and political geographies of the watercourses, lands and communities that supply New York City with water. More

SIP / Watershed- Phase 1, 2010.
A collaboration with Jennifer Monson, Chris Cogburn, Kate Cahill, Maggie Bennettt and Katrin Schnabl.
SIP (Sustained Immersive Process)/Watershed an investigation into the NYC Regional watershed viewed as a meta-choreography of the historical, geological, and cultural layers of the interaction of built and natural phenomena of water in the region. More

Watershed Relief Map at the Queens Museum
Short story on the Watershed Relief Map: “The Watershed Series: One Educator’s Love Affair with the New York City Water Supply System.” More

Mount Tremper Arts Watershed Laboratory
Guided by the metaphor of the Catskill Mountains as the watershed for New York City, the Watershed Lab positions Mount Tremper Arts as the artistic headwaters for partnering organizations downstream: artworks developed here through residencies and performances will gather momentum as they travel to NYC and beyond. More